Tip Sheet: Chinese American Older Adults: A Guide to Managing Your Health

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People from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds have different health risks. It is important for you to know what health risks are most common for your culture, and how to talk to your healthcare providers about them.

Special Healthcare Concerns of Older Chinese Americans

Communicating With Your Healthcare Team

Your healthcare providers can include the physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, physician assistants and other healthcare professionals you see. Good communication between you and your healthcare providers is very important to your health.

While your healthcare team may know a lot about medicine, they may not know much about your culture, habits, and needs. Sometimes, these differences can make us misunderstand each other, or prevent information from being fully shared. You can receive the best care possible if you are open, honest, and respectful with everyone involved in your healthcare.

We hope this information has been helpful to you. Be sure to let your healthcare providers know if you or your family members have any questions.

Last Updated September 2021

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