What to Ask: Anxiety

Clinical anxiety disorders involve unrealistic or excessive worry about multiple areas of life. This may include worrying about misfortune to children and grandchildren, finances, or physical health. Anxiety disorders become more common as we get older because medical, psychological, and social problems tend to build up. Some community surveys suggest that perhaps one in five older adults suffer anxiety symptoms severe enough to warrant treatment.

Here are questions you can ask your healthcare provider about anxiety disorders:

  1. What are the primary types of anxiety?
  2. What can cause an anxiety disorder?
  3. What are the differences between anxiety disorders in older adults as opposed to children?
  4. How can the healthcare provider motivate my father to get treatment for anxiety?
  5. What are the best treatments for an anxiety disorder?
  6. Can treatments for an anxiety disorder be successful when other conditions already exist, such as depression and poor health?
  7. Are medications used to treat anxiety?
  8. Are there other treatments besides medication that can be helpful for treating anxiety?

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