What to Ask: Depression

Depression is a condition that affects many people. Often people don’t know that they are depressed, or are embarrassed to talk to other people about it. Sometimes you will notice that the person you care for seems depressed and they don’t enjoy the same things they used to, their appetite changes, their sleep habits change, they get moodier, or they begin to withdraw from you. Some people will say that they “feel blue.”  Often depression simply needs to be recognized and then it can be helped.

Many people will not bring up symptoms that might be due to depression when they are talking to their healthcare provider, but there are questions you can ask to help the healthcare provider make the diagnosis and start treatment.

  1. Why do I feel so blue these days?
  2. I don’t seem to have much energy. Why is that?
  3. Is there any reason why I am so moody?
  4. If you say I am depressed, will that affect my health insurance?
  5. Are there different kinds of depression?
  6. What good does counseling do for me?
  7. Are there medicines for depression?
  8. What kind of side effects do the medicines have?
  9. Can exercise help me feel better?
  10. What kind of exercise is best?
  11. Are there any tests you can do for depression?
  12. Can my diet affect depression?
  13. Do herbal remedies help make depression better?
  14. What about acupuncture or chiropractic care?
  15. Are there any community resources to help me?

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