Fainting (Syncope)

Care & Treatment

Your treatment for syncope depends on the causes. In general, treatment of syncope requires addressing many potential causes. Some treatment options include:

  • If you have heart problems:
    • Heart attacks may require aggressive medical therapy. Problems with heart valves are typically treated with surgery or other procedures. Treatment for heart rhythm problems may involve medications and/or a pacemaker. 
  • If you have orthostatic hypotension:
    • Your healthcare provider may advise you to make changes to your medications, such as avoiding drugs that expand (dilate) blood vessels and discontinuing or reducing the number of water pills (diuretics) you take. 
  • If you have medication related issues:
    • Your healthcare provider may advise changes to your medications. Sometimes, changing the time when you take your medications might be enough. For example, your healthcare provider may tell you not to take a medication for high blood pressure at mealtime to avoid dropping your blood pressure too low after you eat. 

Whatever the situation, always be sure to check with your healthcare provider before making any changes in how you take your medication.


Last Updated June 2020