Fecal Incontinence

Lifestyle & Management

Treatment can help you control your bowels. Other strategies that can help include:

  • Using the toilet right before leaving home.
  • Carrying a small package of baby wipes, a change of clothes, and a plastic bag in your purse or a tote bag when away from home.
  • Locating a public restroom when you go out, so you can get to it quickly if needed.
  • Wearing disposable underpants when away from home and in bed, if necessary. Disposable underpants are sold at most drug stores.
  • Asking your healthcare provider about fecal deodorants (pills that can reduce the smell of stool and gas).
  • Wearing pants and other clothes that can be removed easily and quickly.
  • Putting a portable toilet near your bed at night.
  • Putting washable or disposable pads on the bed.


Last Updated December 2022

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