Foot Problems

Basic Facts

Feet are a complex part of the body. Each foot has:

  • 26 bones
  • 33 joints
  • More than 120 muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves

These all work together to support the weight of a person’s body.  Feet act as shock absorbers, keep a person balanced, and help them walk.

On average, people spend about four hours standing on their feet each day and take about 5,000 steps.

Foot Pain

Foot pain can lead to trouble getting around, which can cause weight gain, weakness, and worse heart function.
Up to 87 percent of people have painful feet at some time in their lives for many different reasons. One-third of older adults has foot pain, stiffness, or aching feet. Many of these problems come from poorly fitting shoes.

A podiatrist (healthcare professional who specializes in treating feet) can treat most foot problems. Podiatrists can diagnose problems and choose the appropriate treatment. Often a change in footwear will do the trick.

You can stay active and independent by maintaining basic foot care and seeking quick attention from a podiatrist if you have any foot problems. 


Last Updated February 2023

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