Lifestyle & Management

Since glaucoma typically causes few or no symptoms, getting regular eye exams to check for glaucoma is essential. Remember: if diagnosed early and treated, glaucoma can be slowed and vision loss can be prevented.

Regular Screenings

  • Adults aged 50 years old and  older should be screened for glaucoma every 1-2 years. 
  • If you are African American, have a family history of glaucoma, or have other risk factors, you may need to be screened more often.
  • Ask your healthcare provider how often you should have a vision and glaucoma check. 

If you have already been diagnosed with glaucoma, it is important to continue whatever treatment your healthcare provider has prescribed to slow the disease and prevent loss of vision and blindness. If you think you are having side effects from the treatment, let your provider know immediately.

Last Updated August 2020