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Physical Activity Recommendations

Here are some suggested amounts of physical activity:

  • Moderate intensity aerobic activity
    • At least 30 minutes a day, 5 days each week, or at least 75 minutes a week of high intensity aerobic activity.
  • General muscle-strengthening 
    • At least 2 days a week for 20-30 minutes.
  • Balance training
    • About 3 times a week. If you have a risk of falling, this training should be done with a trained teacher following a proven program. 
  • Flexibility activity
    • 3 times a week to maintain abilities and reduce stiffness. Yoga and Tai Chi can be helpful with a trained instructor.

Some people such as those with arthritis or balance problems need to do exercises with low impact. Examples are water aerobics and bicycling on a machine.

Getting Started

If you haven’t been active, have any health problems, disabilities, or concerns, check with your health care professional before starting or increasing your physical activity. Otherwise, consider integrating physical activity into your daily routine.

  • Do a manageable amount of physical activity and increase that amount slowly
  • Do enjoyable activities
  • Check out the National Institute on Aging’s Exercise and Physical Activity website for more ideas about being active.
Contact your healthcare professional if you have aches, pains, or shortness of breath.


Last Updated November 2022

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