Stages of Dementia

Early Dementia

In this stage, there may be problems with:

  • managing medicines and finances, and driving
  • memory
  • poor judgement
  • mood changes

Middle Stage of Dementia

As the disease progresses, there may be problems such as:

  • difficulty with walking and daily activities
  • worse memory
  •  tend to get lost, repeat themselves, and be agitated, aggressive, or depressed
  •  may also be anxious and wander
  •  People in this stage of dementia may not be able to remain in their homes.

Severe Dementia

  • Problems taking care of oneself, including dressing, bathing, and eventually, eating
  • Difficulty talking or recognizing loves ones.

People generally live from four to eight years with dementia. Some people live with dementia for 20 years.

A quick decline in thinking, and behavior that happens within hours or a few days can mean a person has an emergency related to delirium or another health problem. Contact your healthcare professional immediately.



Last Updated February 2023

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