Diagnosis & Tests

See your healthcare provider if:

  • you worry excessively
  • your anxiety is making it difficult for you to function and enjoy life
  • your anxiety has gotten worse over time 
  • you have been unable to sleep

Your provider will ask you questions about your symptoms, review your medical history and ask you what happened or what is happening in your life.They will consider whether the anxiety is related to a medical condition (for example, heart rhythm problems) and may obtain blood tests, urine tests and imaging to better understand the source of your anxiety.

Some medications can cause symptoms that are similar to anxiety, including asthma and thyroid medications, corticosteroids, and levodopa. Your provider will carefully review all medications and supplements you are taking.  Your healthcare provider will also check whether the anxiety may be hiding a depressive disorder and do psychological testing or refer you to a mental health specialist to aid in your evaluation.


Last Updated November 2020