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Since the Foundation launched in 1999, we’ve supported hundreds of trainees in the geriatric health professions to broaden their education by attending events like the AGS Annual Scientific Meeting. Our support advances everything from education and mentoring to networking and career development for the future health professionals we all will need as we age.

We believe that expanding a healthcare workforce prepared to meet our needs—and the needs of our caregivers—is critical. This is why we’re committed to supporting health professional trainees at three different stages of career development:


We support trainees and trainee leaders who are:

  • In medical school (for an MD or DO degree)
  • In a health profession program (such as one for nursing, social work, physical therapy, etc.)
    Through experiences at the AGS Annual Scientific Meeting, our support helps builds
    upon students’ interest in geriatrics and encourages them to consider further training        
    in the field.


After medical school, all physicians must have additional training through a residency program. Geriatricians typically complete a family medicine or internal medicine residency for three years, and our support helps keep them connected to the geriatrics healthcare professional community and the latest geriatrics research presented at events like the AGS Annual Scientific Meetings.


Geriatricians also complete a geriatrics or geriatrics-palliative care fellowship program for additional training in clinical, research, and administrative expertise. Fellowship programs for this subspecialty are typically one to two years long, and our support brings them to the AGS Annual Scientific Meetings as they begin their transition from residency to geriatrics healthcare professionals, when they will begin working independently with older adults and caregivers to support health, safety, and independence. 

Alexander Gee Geriatrics Trainee

Hear more about the impact of our support from our geriatrics trainees, who represent the future of care for all of us as we age.

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